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Splice or “supplice”?

“supplice” is the french word for torture. I spent 6 euros to watch this movie and I regret that.A few days back, I was at the cinema with my girlfriend and we were both bored to death. We hesitated to leave during the movie but we hoped that there would be a turning point that would make the movie interesting; but there were none! Infact, I believe that the whole movie is a preparation…a sort of a prologue to the real thing.

Maybe, I’ve been expecting too much from this movie due to its title. Indeed, one of the definitions of Splice is the combination of segments of DNA so as to modify a genetic structure or to create new ones. Sounded very promising and the teaser was weird.

What was so frustrating about that movie was that it could definitely be much better but it ended being so predictable. From the beginning till the end, I was like: “This is going to happen…” and guess what? It did! I had a feeling of déjà vu.

I love those who create but this movie didn’t entertain me at all and I won’t advise you to watch it. However, everyone is different and everyone has different tastes. You need to make your own opinion; I’m just sharing mine ;)

Rating for Splice : 0 out of 10

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