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How to open a PDF file to a specific page over the internet?


  1. Open a PDF file at a specific page over the internet
  2. Open parameters
  3. Examples

I came across this question today and I’ve been looking for an answer and found more than what I was looking for.

  1. Open a PDF file at a specific page over the internet

    The answer to our question is very simple. You just have to add #page=pagenumber at the end of the pdf link and you can open your pdf on the internet at any page you want. Note that, you have to replace pagenumber by your page number. It sounds so easy and it is !

  2. Open parameters

    PDF files have open parameters that allow you:

    • to open them at specific locations

    but you can also

    • have specific views by zooming the pdf,
    • fitting it to the screen size,
    • turning on or off the scrollbar,
    • searching a series of words via the url

    and so on. These are only a few options with pdf files over the internet. You can find a list of all the options available inside this pdf.

  3. Examples

    Open a pdf to a specific page

    Let’s use the open parameters’ pdf to see a few examples of how it works. Click to open the pdf on the following pages:

    1. Open parameters’ pdf on page 4:
    2. Open parameters’ pdf on page 6:
    3. Open parameters’ pdf on page 8:

    Search a series of words in a pdf

    Using the same pdf to illustrate this option, we will try to find two words within the file. Imagine we want to find the words conventions and book from the pdf file; we simply add #search=conventions book at the end of the link as follows: book

That’s all for now !

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