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The Social Network : the movie review

My impatience got the best of me and I went to watch The Social Network this afternoon. It confirmed most of what I believed to know about the history and evolution of Facebook.The movie gave some details and I hope that they are not fictitious. Nevermind, I loved the movie mainly because, it showed how when you believe in an idea and you work hard on it, it can be very fruitful. I prefer to stay on this positive aspect of the movie.

For those who are against Facebook, they will surely be frustrated at the end of the movie cause it does not show much of what people might reprove. It’s more a history of the evolution of this social network.

The movie shows how Mark Zuckerberg feels like he is misunderstood and how much he lacks love. His quest is more about the love than the money but we should keep in mind that he is the youngest billionnaire in the world…

Anyway, I think that the movie is concise on the evolution of Facebook : from the beginning to its explosion. It’s a must-see movie if you are passionate about social networking.  However, it’s not an award-winning movie but a good informative entertainment.

Difference makes success.” (Aswin Lutchanah)

Rating for The Social Network : 7 out of 10

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