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Facebook App – add page tab bug

Since this morning, Facebook App Developers have been pulling their hair because of a serious bug preventing them to add their apps on Facebook pages. Facebook is looking into the matter but meanwhile, I’ve found a workaround.

How to add a Facebook App on a Facebook Page ?

Previously (before the bug), we were able to add an application on a Facebook page using the following link : where the parameters :

  • app_id : the id of your application
  • redirect_uri : the Facebook page where you would like to be redirected after the application has been installed. The sk parameter of the redirect_uri allows the user to be redirected in the application on the redirected page. To illustrate this, imagine we are installing a Facebook App called A on a Facebook Page called B. This parameter allows the user to be redirected to the Facebook App A on the page Facebook page B.

Error Message

Due to the bug, using this method shows an error message when trying to add an application to a Facebook page :

Sorry, something went wrong.
We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

French version


Use a different link : where the api_key parameter takes your application id. You will get a dropdown list from which you may choose the page on which you want the Facebook App to be added.

If you want to avoid having to choose the page from the dropdown list, you may add an extra parameter page to which you give the page id on which you want the app to be added. The page will automatically be chosen from the dropdown list and you will be able to click on “Add FACEBOOK_APP_NAME”.

Example :

This workaround adds the application to one page at a time while the other way allowed multiple page adds at once. Besides, it only redirects to the destination page and not inside the app on the destination page. Nevertheless, it allows Facebook App Developers  to continue working.


Ochoa Joseadrian has developed a bookmarklet which makes it easier for developers to use – a simple click on the bookmark from the browser when on the configuration page of a Facebook App redirects to the Facebook App Page Tab Add interface.

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