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Madiba – His Story is History

Nelson MandelaToday is a special day
The World will be One
At some point of time, everyone will be thinking, talking or praying for #Madiba
Some will remember his deep thoughts
Others will read them
The Media will relate his story

His Story is History
He is the incarnation of Humanity
Laughing with those who tortured him
This is the essence of his resilience
As #Obama said late last night, from Prisoner to President
This illustrates his determination
Thank You is the least I can tell you today
In the end, it’s always about Black or white or the shades between them
You transformed the OR into the AND
I admire the Peace that emanates from you
It’s your weapon
You said NO!
No to Injustice!
No to racism!
Know #Mandela


Aswin Lutchanah


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