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Multilingual posts on Facebook pages – new feature on Facebook

One single post, multiple languages. This is definitely a social media revolution and once more it’s on Facebook. I’ve noticed this option in the Facebook page settings a few days back but I took some time to test it today. It’s going to change the community management world drastically specially for community managers who have a multilingual audience.

How to activate the multilingual option on a Facebook page?

  1. Go to the page settings of the Facebook page.
  2. At the bottom of the General section, look for “Post in Multiple languages“.
  3. Switch on the ability to write posts in multiple languages in order to “Allow people who manage this page to write posts in multiple languages“.

Writing a multilingual post

Once you have activated this option, you may go back to the timeline of your Facebook page where you will see a different layout for the posting box. At the bottom right of the box, you will find a new link “Write post in another language” (highlighted in red on the image). The default language proposed by Facebook is English.


As you may have already guessed, you just have to click on “Write post in another language” to add another language version of your post. The image below illustrates the post before publishing.


Once the post is published, the fan will see it in the language version he uses Facebook provided that the post is available in his language version. If ever the fan of the Facebook page uses a language version in which the post is not available, he will see the default language version of the post…


Editing the post

What is interesting is that, when you edit the post, you may add more language versions.


Room for improvement

Link personalisation

It would be nice if we could personalise links and images too. If you have a multilingual website, it would be nice to put a different link corresponding to each language version of the post. To get around this, you may use a common picture for the multilingual post and add a personalised link, as text, in each language version.

Common image

Nevertheless, this is an interesting feature. You could post a picture without any text on it but with different language versions for the text to wish a Happy New Year for example.

Facebook Analytics

Concerning analytics, the reach for a multilingual post is global, i.e. you can’t see separate stats for each language version of the post. This will definitely come in the future. In that way, we will be able to see which language version we need to focus on.

Mobile version

This feature is not yet available in the mobile apps: Facebook & Facebook Pages (tested on iPhone). Neither does it work for the mobile version of the website in a web browser. However, it does work if you choose the desktop version in your mobile web browser but it’s not very user-friendly; it can help if you have an emergency though. Let me know if you test it with other OS.

Scheduled posts

Multilingual scheduled posts cannot be modified in all the languages via the Publishing Tools‘ section. Only the default language can be modified there.


Right now, this option is not available if you make a video post.

Tweet about the major Facebook feature

Feel free to leave a comment if you need more explanation or if you want to discuss about this feature.

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  • Zaida

    Hi Aswin, thank you for your post, it’s very interesting!

    I have one question, maybe you can help me :)

    Last week we tried this new feature with the publications of this week (via Facebook schedule). Our page have followers from 12 differents countries and since two months ago we do the segmentation of the public in 3 languages with their respective countries (in all of our publications). For example: English for UK, US, Ireland and Australia, Italian for Italy, etc.

    We have seen that the interaction with the publications has plummeted this week, do you think that it may be linked? We have contacted Facebook and the Assistant told us that she did not know ’cause “this feature is too new”. She advises us to create a page for each country and then ask Facebook to create a global page. But we want to continue publishing the same publications in all countries and it seems impractical.

    Thank you so much for your attention and congratulations for the blog!

    Regards from Spain :)

    • Aswin Lutchanah

      Hello Zaida,
      I’m pleased you found my article about Multilingual posts on Facebook interesting :D
      What do you mean, you do segmentation?
      Does that mean that together with multilingual posts, you use preferred audience?

      I’m not sure I understand your problem.
      I need more information :)
      Take Care,

  • Monica


    This is really good.
    I am interested in doing this, but as all comments will be added to the same post, I was thinking what will be shown to people. Will all people be able to see messages in all languages or will people only see comments in their language?


    • Aswin Lutchanah

      Hi Monica,
      Thank you :)
      Yes all comments will be added to the same post and all comments will be shown to everyone irrespective of the language in which they are seeing the post. But, I think that it’s not really a problem, they will react to comments they understand.
      Take Care,

  • karin

    we are wanting to use this on our new FB page. We have a number of admins who would all want to post in their own language. The new feature is great, however we have noticed, that only the admin who posted the original post (aka who posts 1st) can add other languages. Any other admin going in to add the post in their language received an error message, that they do not have permission to make changes to that post.
    Have you come across this issue and is there a solution?

  • Yaw Zeke

    Hello, i tried this feature and it works good. thanks for your directive. However can i used this feature (multilingual) for older post as well? would like some of my old post also to appear in mutlple languages for my audience. thanks again for your help

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