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Facebook French comments’ counter bug

Facebook French comments' bug

A friend of mine, Florian Ribes, noticed a bug on a Facebook post where the comments’ counter showed “1,2000000 commentaires” (now 1,3000000). This bug is only present in the French version of Facebook. If you switch to English, you will see “1.2M comments”. This is why the bug is in fact a double bug:

  • “1,2000000 commentaires” (now 1,3000000): there is one zero too many as in the English version of Facebook it’s 1.2M (now 1.3M) and here it’s 12M (now 13M).
  • the second bug is that normally for big numbers, you have the abbreviated version: 1,2 M (French style- now 1,3 M) on Social Media.

Test yourself

Remember to switch Facebook to French to notice the bug and back to English to see the difference. You need to go directly on Facebook; the embedded version below does not illustrate the bug.

What’s your answer? This one makes you think.Follow me on FB for more puzzles and brain teasers.

Posted by Beth Mansfield on Friday, February 5, 2016

The bug is corrected!

Update Sunday 28 February 2016: The bug seems to have been corrected by Facebook!

Facebook comments - the bug is corrected

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