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Facebook Live is live!

Testing Facebook Live

Posted by Aswin Lutchanah on Saturday, March 12, 2016

After seeing the Facebook Live option on my iPhone, I decided to test it with my personal profile. But it’s also  available for Facebook pages. Facebook is challenging Periscope. While you are live, you can see people joining and commenting your live stream. You may also like their comments by tapping on the transparent thumb which then becomes blue. You may remove comments after you publish the video. Below, you can find some screenshots. This provides new opportunities to Community Managers, right? How are you going to use this option?

Launching Facebook Live

Launching Facebook Live - screenshot

Comments on Facebook Live

Facebook Live with comments -screenshot

Liking comments on Facebook Live

Liking comments on Facebook Live - screenshot

When Facebook Live ends…

End of the Facebook live video - screenshot

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