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Simple solution to disappearing photos on Facebook posts


Panicked giphyDid you ever panicked when you noticed that the photos of your Facebook post had disappeared?

I DID!!! 😱

What was most frustrating was that the post had a high potential of engagement as it already had more than 50 likes in less than 15 minutes. So, I didn’t want to delete the post and make a fresh one with the lost photos… Consequently, I tried to find a workaround to solve the disappearing photos on Facebook posts issue and this is what I’ll share with you in this article.

Disappearing photos on Facebook: how did the photos disappeared from the post?

Before giving you the quick solution to solve this issue, let me tell you how the photos disappeared from my Facebook post. I will use illustrations by replicating the scenario on another Facebook page of mine. I managed to replicate this again and again. This is definitely a FACEBOOK BUG!!!

  1. I created a post on my Facebook page with a short description and added 2 photos.

    Creation of a post with a text and 2 photos

    New post with a text and 2 photos

  2. Then, I added a short description to each photo. But note that after testing, this step has no impact; I mean even if you don’t add a short description to each photo, you can still reproduce the Facebook bug.

    Facebook post with text and 2 photos

    The Facebook post with the 2 photos

  3. Finally, I edited the initial post and saved.

    Edit Facebook post with text and 2 photos

    Edit Facebook post with text and 2 photos

  4. This caused the 2 photos to disappear!!!! Aargh!!!!

    Disappearing photos on Facebook - bug

    Facebook post with disappearing photos after post is edited

After that, I panicked. I tried contacting Facebook to let them know about the issue and asked them if they could solve this quickly. Then, I added the photos in two separate comments of the post. I was stressed and told myself:

“This post is driving a lot of engagement even without the photos. Man, why did this happened to me! This could have been much better!!!”

The solution is mobile📱

Edit Facebook post via Facebook Pages mobile app

Edit Facebook post via Facebook Pages mobile app

I got entangled in this situation by using the desktop version of Facebook, i.e. I created and edited that post with my Macbook Pro. Then, after spending a few hours on the question, a bulb lit in my head! 💡

“Why dont you try on your mobile?

I was like a kid!!!

🙏🏾 Please god!!! Make this work!!! Pleaseeeee!!!!

And guess what? It did! Of course, it did; otherwise, this whole post would make no sense! I went on my brand new 📲 iPhone 7, launched the Facebook Pages app, scrolled down to the post, tapped on the top right arrow and hit on “Edit Post”! Dude, when I saw “📷 Photo/Video” at the bottom of the screen, I was trembling like a leaf 🍃! I added back the two photos with a lot of excitement!!! As a result, Relief and joy together flushed in my whole body! The photos were back on my post ✌🏾!!! The post was already performing very well and it continued performing well with more than 100 likes and a few shares and comments.

Bonus 🏆

Then, I realised that this was very interesting. I was under the misconception that if you created a text-only post on your Facebook page, you would not be able to add a photo or a video to that post anymore. WRONG 👎🏾!!! Using the same procedure as above, you can add a photo or a video to a text-only post by using the mobile app of your phone. It should probably work on other phones too but I tested it only on an 📱 iPhone 5 and on an iPhone 7. Please, let me know on which phones you test it too.

Dear Social Media Managers, Community Managers or Social Media Specialists, I hope that you liked this article and that you learnt something new. Feel free to share this article on Social Media and we may continue the conversation via the comment section below too.


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