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How to Connect Facebook pages to Groups?

Connect Facebook pages to Groups

Facebook is deploying a new functionality: group administration within Facebook pages. You will get a notification by Facebook when your page has the new option!

This is a very interesting feature as it allows a brand to have 1 single page to consolidate its presence on Facebook but it can also build niche communities within groups. Some people might like your page but choose to interact with people on a specific topic within a group related to the page.

Build Community Around Your Page

  • Where? ➡️
    Settings ➡️ Edit page ➡️ Add a tab ➡️ Groups
    Settings - Edit Page - Add a tab - Groups
  • Options
    • Link existing groups you manage.
    • Create new groups via the Facebook page.
      Link & Create Group within Facebook page
  • Ability to interact with people in your groups as your Page.
  • Ability for your page to be admin of your groups.
  • Groups link will be in the right hand side menu of your Facebook page.

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